The phrase “Managerial Merry-go-round” has amused me for a while, primarily because it conjures up images of fully grown men sat on oversized plastic animals, rotating around a bored-looking, cigarette-smoking fairground attendant.

I couldn’t reproduce the oversized plastic animals, but I wondered what would happen if I took the Premier League managers, and made them rotate around in a circle, with their speed relative to the amount of time they have been in the job. On the outskirts, you can see Arsène Wenger, serenely sailing around, at a very leisurely pace, whilst in the middle, newly installed Ryan Giggs whizzes around at a furious rate.

The idea is that each day a manager has been in charge equates to 1 second.
As of today (22nd April 2014), Ryan Giggs one day in the job means that he takes just one second to complete a lap of the managerial merry-go-round, whereas Arsène Wenger’s 6,413 days in charge means that it takes him over an hour and a half to finish a lap.