When scoring at home to Stoke City on the 10th of March, 2012, Didier Drogba became the 22nd member of the Premier League 100 Goals Club.  By scoring 100 goals in just 220 league games, Didier has become the 9th quickest player to achieve this feat.  Thanks, once again to the generosity and data of Infostrada Sports we have put together a series of infographics visualizing the scoring rates of the different players to have scored 100 goals in the Premiership – from the quickest, Alan Shearer (100 goals in 124 matches) through to the slowest, Ryan Giggs (100 goals in 534 matches).

Simply click the names above to compare the scoring rates of the various goalscorers.

Particular highlights for me include:

  • The start of Andy Cole’s Newcastle United career where he scored 30 goals in his first 32 matches – a rate quicker than any other member of the 100 Club.
  • Jermain Defoe’s five goals in a 9-1 rout of Wigan, on Sunday, 22 November 2009 (his 263rd game for Spurs). Andy Cole also scored 5 in a single game (another 9 goal massacre of Ipswich, at Old Trafford) however Defoe’s feat is even more memorable because all five goals were scored in the second half!
  • Paul Scholes’ 33-game drought between his 96th and 97th goals. The longest dry spell in any of the members of the 100 Club.
  • Ryan Giggs’ steady ascent towards 100 goals, taking an incredible 534 league games to achieve. Giggs scored his 100th league goal for United against Derby County on 8 December 2007, 15 seasons after the formation of the Premier League.
  • Frank Lampard’s sudden goalscoring surge! Initially Frank’s goalscoring rate of 50 goals in 279 games made Ryan Giggs look positively rapid in comparison, however a change in his willingness to take penalties and shoot from virtually any distance, resulted in a massive upturn in fortune for the rotund midfielder.
  • Finally, the real star of the show is Alan Shearer, and his phenomenal scoring rate throughout the early part of his Premiership career with Blackburn Rovers, where he scored 100 goals in an astonishing 124 games. Despite snapping his right anterior cruciate ligament in a match against Leeds United in December 1992, and missing half of his first season, Shearer still scored 16 goals in the 21 games in which he did feature, and followed it up with 31 goals in 34 appearances the very next year.

The complete list is as follows:

1. Alan Shearer – 100 in 124
2. Thierry Henry – 100 in 160
3. Ian Wright – 100 in 173
4. Robbie Fowler – 100 in 175
5. Les Ferdinand – 100 in 178
6. Andy Cole – 100 in 184
7. Michael Owen – 100 in 185
8. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink – 100 in 200
9. Didier Drogba – 100 in 219
10. Darren Bent – 100 in 226
11. Wayne Rooney – 100 in 247
=12. Matthew Le Tissier – 100 in 254
=12. Dwight Yorke – 100 in 254
=12. Teddy Sherringham – 100 in 254
15. Robbie Keane – 100 in 255
16. Nicolas Anelka – 100 in 258
17. Dion Dublin – 100 in 271
18. Jermain Defoe – 100 in 303
19. Frank Lampard – 100 in 406
20. Emile Heskey – 100 in 414
21. Paul Scholes – 100 in 436
22. Ryan Giggs – 100 in 534

You can follow Infostrada Sports at http://www.twitter.com/infostradalive, and they are well worth a follow.
Without their data, sites like The Bootiful Game could not survive, so we are indebted to their willingness to help us out.

  1. wonderful visualization, not sure Frank Lampard will appreciate being described as rotund!

  2. admin

    If Frank asks me to change it, I will!

  3. Erik

    Could you make the longest time without scoring line for player over 50 goals?

  4. Oracolo

    Brilliant informative graphic, showing just how much a legend Alan Shearer really is to the English game, in comparison to other, recent greats.

  5. ethicalstrategy

    Probably worth noting that only Lampard and Scholes are not strikers. Also, the would be interesting to know what their total goals and matches were/are.

  6. Erik

    What about Giggs?

  7. The FL stat is great – I love the sudden upward tic when he takes over PKs, and then the leveling out

  8. gvizzle

    @ethicalstrategy better check your sources because matt le tissier wasn’t a striker either.

  9. gvizzle

    matt le tissier wasn’t a striker either.

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