A few weeks ago, the wonderful French website “Les Cahiers Du Football” released this lovely interactive visualisation looking at the heights and weights of Ligue 1 footballers: https://www.cahiersdufootball.net/infographie.php?id_infographie=10. At the time, I wondered what a Premier League version of the graphic would look like, and then to my delight, Mathieu from the site contacted me to say that they also had the data for the English top flight, and would I fancy releasing it through the Bootifulgame website.

Oh yes.

I love this visualisation. It’s a beautiful thing to look at anyway, but it’s interesting to see how the make-ups of the teams differ. Everton have the widest spread of heights and weights, Southampton appear to be the tallest squad by some distance, and Arsenal’s players all seem to occupy a very neat corridor right up the middle.

For extra lolz, just take at look at where Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Kieran Gibbs are on the graphic, and take a moment to share Andre Marriner’s pain.

Anyway, I think this is fantastic. A big thanks to Mathieu (@matamix) and everyone else involved with the Cahiers Du Football project (@cahiersdufoot) for sharing.