Following Rio Ferdinand’s £45,000 fine by the FA, following a charge of improper conduct as a result of him referring to Ashley Cole as a choc-ice, The Bootiful Game wanted to know what would happen, if Rio told the FA to get stuffed, and instead spent 45k buying Tesco’s entire stock of choc-ices.

Tescos are currently selling 8 Everyday Value Chocolate Ices for £0.60. This means that with his £45,000, Rio could buy 75,000 boxes of choc-ices, and 600,000 individual ice-creams – enough to keep Frank Lampard happy until the January transfer window.

  1. Former professional footballer Marcus Gayle ‏@marcus11gayle tweeted Ferdinand: “@rioferdy5 45k fine for calling him a choc ice  being called choc ice means more then being called a black c*#t ?? Madness !!” In regards to his penalty compared to Luis Suarez racism charge.

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