Africa Cup of Nations odds

So here’s a little graph charting the odds of the each of the 16 nations who competed in the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations. Each morning, I visited the Paddy Power website, and made a note of the odds of all the teams still left in the competition.

The African Cup of Nations saw relative outsiders Zambia, priced at 40/1 on the first morning of the competition, prevail against an Ivory Coast team who’s price was never greater than 6/4. The prices of the more favoured teams are a little bit tricky to make out on such a small scale, so hopefully this zoomable pdf makes things a little easier.

I was hoping with this visualisation to see examples of key events having a dramatic influence on the betting patterns of teams. I wondered if injuries and suspensions would effect prices quoted by bookmakers, and therefore be reflected in the graph, however the tournament was relatively un-dramatic in these terms.

The illustration isn’t quite as interesting as I was hoping, however you can see the impressive move by Zambia, and some interesting patterns created by Sudan and Equatorial Guinea as they progressed through the tournament.

  1. Tom

    It’s still quite interesting tho. But the thing is that there’s stuff at 500/1 but the majority is bunched at 10/1 or below so it’s hard to pick out. Difficult to know what to do about that without being dishonest with the numbers, tho. I know – use a logarithmic scale! (Don’t use a logarithmic scale)

  2. admin

    Yep, you’re right Tom, it is difficult to pick the different prices out.
    I’m not really sure what the best way of illustrating this really is. Maybe the teams need to be illustrated on separate images? Maybe some sort of zoomable graph thing. Maybe it’s just not a great idea! The pdf is at least slightly easier to follow:

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