Away days: Premier League

I decided to take a look at the relative distances traveled by teams in the football league, across a regular league season. Armed with a set of postcodes and a copy of Google Earth, I worked out, as the crow flies, the total distances between the grounds in a particular division. The result was that poor old Newcastle United travel further than anyone else, and Stoke City get the shortest round trips of the top division. If you consider that the teams travel to an opposition ground and back again, across the course of a league campaign, the players of Newcastle United travel a total distance of 3,093.16 miles.

If you drew a straight line from St James’ Park, at a bearing of 270° this distance would take bring you a short pedalo ride off the east coast of Bermuda, which interestingly enough is where Shola and Sammy Ameobi like to spend their summer holidays*. Stoke on the other hand travel just 1,597.80 miles, which ironically is exactly the same distance Rory Delap has hurled the ball from throw-ins, in the last 2 seasons**.

* This may be a lie
** This definitely is a lie

  1. john

    A season’s travel for Stoke is about the same as going one way from DC United to Vancouver…

  2. Ray Parlour

    Does this infographic take into account that most Man U fans travel about 200 miles from the south just to go to the home games?

  3. Dennis Murray

    This might be the best story for why US professional soccer needs to be a regional entity and not a single national body.

  4. Seymour

    Came to your website through Reddit. You already know I am signing up to your feed.

  5. admin

    Big up to all the Redditors out there!

  6. brian

    found this from reddit also love infographics great site

  7. Tony

    Is there anything like this for the other leagues? I know portsmouth fc do roughly 3753 miles per season

  8. Jeneral Tumi J.

    Hey, that Rory Delap stat could be true. Simple Maths . . The last 2 seasons Rory has played 82 games for Stoke, and on average throws 38metres. Assuming he throws 1 a game then it’s 38×82=3116m (1947.5miles = 1597.8 + 349.7). Factor in the FA cup, Europa, League Cup, pre-season. . . . That can’t be a lie.

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