Instant reactions to the resignation of Don Fabio

So, Don Fabio has quit, and who will England turn to now?

Whilst many people sat slack-jawed staring blankly in disbelief at their TV sets at the announcement of Fabio Capello’s resignation, here at The Bootiful Game, we fired up our laptops and started collecting data on the big man’s departure.

Fifteen minutes later, and 8,000 tweets analyzed, we had some answers to the big questions:
What were the trends emerging following the news? Who did the bookies install as the early favourites for the job? Who did the people of twitter want as the next manager? How long would it be before someone cracked a fucking joke about ‘another Italian abandoning a sinking ship‘, and how many people would retweet it?

All this and more is answered in our latest visual feast…

  1. Rait Nadier

    This is great. As is all of your work. Keep it up!

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