Major League, Major Mileage

A few weeks back we revealed on The Bootiful Game that a Newcastle United supporter traveled the furthest distance of any Premier League fan, following his or her team around the country. Well, it turns out they are a bunch of whiny little lightweights.*

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the 2011 New England Revolution side. Spare a thought for their Manager, the former Anfield great Steve (Stevie) Nichol.  Not only did he take his team the equivalent of two and a bit times around the surface of the planet last season, but also they only picked up one win away from home – against relative neighbours, DC United, their third most nearest and dearest!  On the plus side, at least those Air Miles must be totting up nicely, eh Steve?

The one good piece of news for the Revolution is that this season, a 19th “expansion” team will be joining the MLS.  Based on the East side of Canada, the Montreal Impact, at just 267 miles away, are a relatively short hop across the border and a round trip of just 534 miles.  For the Vancouver Whitecaps however, it will mean that by the end of the 2012 regular season, they will leapfrog the New England Revolution as the most traveled team and will have racked up a total of 56,940.098 miles on the road.  For the record, the 2011 Vancouver Whitecaps actually had an even worse away record away record than the Revolution, winning no games whatsoever on their travels!

If you take into consideration the MLS play-offs as well as the regular season, the New York Red Bulls actually topped New England’s total mileage.  They followed up a regular season of 48,173.542 miles, with play-off games away at FC Dallas (2,709.178 mile round-trip) and away at the LA Galaxy (4,887.706 mile round-trip).  That gave them a quite staggering total of 55,770.426 miles – or 2.24 times around the Earth!

Anyway, the next time you hear Martin Tyler, banging on during commentary about what a loyal and dedicated bunch the Newcastle United fans are, just imagine yourself as a New England Revolution supporter, and ask yourself if you still fancy following your team home and away?

* Only joking, Newcastle fans, I love you all really.  Some of my best friends have difficulties pronouncing their words too.

  1. Further complicating matters – the players normally travel by coach airfare. Uggghh. At least they get an all you can eat buffet at the classy Budget Inn most mornings. Nothing beats off jet lag like a three day old bagel.

  2. Sean Gallagher

    That Doesn’t even count National Cups and the Concacaf Champions League.

    In 2010 I logged about 45,000 miles following my MLS club across the US, Canada and down to Central America, and I still missed 4 regular season matches, as well as a few of the CCL matches.

    Makes you feel bad for the players.

  3. Iain

    How about the same infographic for LA, who finished on the other end of the table and is also on a coast.

  4. admin

    Well the graphic shows New England because they travel the furthest in regular season matches.
    For the record, the LA Galaxy travel 48,447.316 miles during a league campaign and last year travelled an extra 4887.706 miles on a round-trip to the New York Red Bulls in the play-offs.

  5. How funny – just got put this way by Ongoalsscored, and discovered this info graphic, the same day I did this for the Guardian:

  6. Chris

    Cool graphic but for the LOVE OF GOD, can you please spell Nicol properly. It’s not Nichol.

  7. admin

    Actually no, I’m going to leave Steve “Nichol” in there.
    Everyone knows who I’m talking about, and the fact you used the phrase “for the love of God” in capital letters made me laugh out loud.

    Oh for the LOVE OF GOD, the cat has been sick, again…
    Oh for the LOVE OF GOD, my car got broken into for the third time this year…
    Oh for the LOVE OF GOD, the fire alarm is driving me insane…
    Oh for the LOVE OF GOD, can you please spell Nicol properly.

  8. Grimario

    Would be interesting to see how clubs in the A-League fare. I imagine Wellington would have a fair bit of travel time but Perth on the other side of Australia to most other teams would most likely have the longest travel time.

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