Have you ever wanted to know which player won the Premier League Golden Boot in 2004, but rather than be told his name, you’d much prefer to identify the striker just by his hair, his eyebrows and where possible, a bit of beard action?

Of course you haven’t, you’re not a pervert. Which begs the question: Why does this graphic exist?

This is the last 15 years of Premier League hotshots, including the number of goals they scored and their margin of victory. I guess you can turn it into a bit of a quiz, and see how many of the 20 players you can correctly identify. It gets slightly tricky when you have to think back to how the players used to look 10 years ago, rather than the way some of them look now. Some Match of the Day pundits with receding hairlines weren’t always that bald!

  1. Niklas

    where do i find the correct answers for the golden boot quiz?

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