The art of commentary: Mario Balotelli
The art of commentary: Mario Balotelli
The art of commentary: Mario Balotelli

I was trying to do some analysis with football commentary to see which adjectives were most commonly used by TV pundits and their co-commentators.  During this process, I learned two things:

  1. Over the course of 90 minutes commentators talk, a lot.
    A shit load in actual fact, often too much, and most of it total and utter bollocks.
  2. In reality the adjectives they most commonly use are actually very boring, things like: nice, lovely & good, over and over again.

So I was eventually left with over 5,000 words of transcribed commentary, which had taken me nearly 8 hours to compile, and if you thought Alan Smith had a boring voice before, you should try listening to it at 1/3rd speed, and typing it up at the same time.  So, not wanting to waste the time I had put in, I decided to try and turn it into something beautiful.  Here, I present to you, the entire transcript of the Manchester Derby from earlier this season, which City won 1-6, now turned into a typographic portrait of Mario Balotelli.


  1. Jakobsen

    Stunning work mate. Keep it up! 🙂

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