The reverse FA Cup 2010/11

Growing up as a child, my father worked for cigarette pedlars, Rothmans.  My older brother and sister took advantage of the free fags that filled our garage, but for me, as a 7-year-old, the biggest perk of my old man’s job was the annual delivery of the Rothmans Football Yearbook, a tome stacked full of amazing facts and figures about the English game.  In our house, we had a collection of these books dating back to the mid-seventies, and I used to pour over the data within them.  Towards the back of each edition, would be a section devoted to the previous season’s FA Cup results, where you could trace back through the matches, and see at what point your team had been dumped out of the competition.  One of my favourite games was to go back through the rounds and work out which team was the unluckiest in the competition.  This I defined as the team who got knocked out in the very first round, but subsequently, the team who had knocked them out, also got beaten in the very next round, and so on.  Effectively, this team set off a chain reaction of disastrous, losing results, culminating in the team who eventually lost the final.

Today, I’d like to redefine the club with this dubious honour, and present to you, the Winners of the 2010/11 Reverse FA Cup:  Hillingdon Borough FC.   Hillingdon Borough won the Final, in August 2010, thanks to a comfortable 0-3 defeat at the hands of Haringey Borough, in front of a bumper crowd of 62.

  1. Boag

    by those rules the ‘winner’ of the Reverse Scottish Cup 10/11 was Vale of Leithan

    MOTHERWELL 0 – 3 Celtic
    Motherwell 3 – 0 ST JOHNSTONE
    St Johnstone 1 – 0 BRECHIN CITY (after a replay)
    Fifth Round
    BUCKIE THISTLE 0 – 2 Brechin City
    Fourth Round
    EAST STIRLINGSHIRE 1 – 0 Buckie Thistle (East Stirling disqualified for fielding ineligible player
    Third Round
    SPARTANS 1 – 2 East Stirlingshire
    Second Round
    KEITH 0 – 3 Spartans
    First Round
    VALE OF LEITHAN 1 – 3 Keith

    Admin – Yes!!! That’s amazing – except that you have the round names the wrong way round – Motherwell v Celtic was the first round! Let me get that visualised, and then we can crown Vale of Leithan…

  2. Dan

    Nice to see my non-league side Chesham Utd getting to the sixth round. In all the time i’ve watched them they’ve never made it to the first round proper – the holy grail!

  3. Boag

    yeah sorry, i only noticed the rounds were the wrong way round after I posted

  4. Glenn

    Not bad. I checked the last few years, and unfortunately, the trail has often ended at the 3rd round.

  5. Ollie

    Glenn is right, due to the cull of Premiership and Championship teams in Fourth Round Qualifying, for instance in the 09/10 Reverse FA Cup. Hull beat Wigan in 4QR and the chain breaks.

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