Venn diagram of Premiership strikers

For any manager, finding the right striker is a difficult business.  The Holy Grail is finding a man who is reasonably priced, scores plenty of goals, but also remains injury free, but players like this don’t grow on trees.  This season, Newcastle boss Alan Pardew appears to have simultaneously replaced expensive, non-scoring cart-horse, Andy Carroll and resolved the Geordies goalscoring problem in one fell swoop by signing hit-man Demba Ba on a free transfer.  In no time, Demba has become one of the hottest properties in the English game.

  1. Andy B

    What about scores goals, is injury free but gets banned for 8 games. Venn that!

  2. David

    So, Andy Carroll is at the centre of the exact opposite of this diagram then?

  3. Ray Parlour

    @ Andy B: Surely Suarez would be at the intersect of a Venn diagram of ‘habitual diver’, ‘childhood thumb sucker’ and ‘convicted racist’?

  4. Kristian

    David: Comment of the year, and it’s only January!

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